It’s that time of year again, when the cool air starts to blow and the bustling forests of the Ozarks transition from full green to a plethora of autumnal colors and hues. While the party on the lake might have died down, there’s no better time to visit and enjoy the pure beauty of the Ozarks than in Fall. What might be as known, is that the Fall season is full of great activities and events on the water, in the forests, and around the area. These great events and activities keep the Lake of the Ozarks busy, and we’ve selected a few of our favorites that you won’t regret checking out!

    1. Versailles Olde Tyme Apple Festival™

The Versailles Olde Tyme Apple Festival is an incredible day full of amazing food, apples galore, gifts, live entertainment, and more! Bring your sweet tooth, because the fall apple harvest in this area means serious business. From pies, cakes, and cookies, to candies, candles, and more there’s so much applicious goodness here you won’t want to miss it!

    1. Harbor Hop on the Lake of the Ozarks

This annual poker run boasts some of the best views of the Fall foliage, and over 40 destinations to cruise to. If you’ve got a boat, this is a must join event with great prizes and an even better journey! Ride to each of the checkpoints during the run and gather your cards from each stop. Play your best hand at the end of the run and hope you’ve got the competition beat!

    1. OcToaderfest at H. Toad’s

Happening the same weekend as the Harbor Hop poker run, the Horny Toad Entertainment Complex also boasts a fantastic annual Fall event known as OcToaderfest! This event boasts a unique twist on traditional Octoberfest celebrations. With German specialty beers, food, and more, there’s plenty at H. Toad’s to wet your appetite and satisfy it! They’ll also have numerous vendors on-site and live music during the event, so there’s plenty to do while you’re there. The Horny Toad is also one of the stops along the Harbor Hop run, so you can stop in to grab your card and stay awhile to join in the festivities!

    1. Big Bass Bash

This annual event is for the amateur fisher in all of us. This lake wide event let’s you cast off from any launch on the Lake of the Ozarks and compete in a friendly competition to win big money that the professionals earn! There’s 4 weigh-in stations across the lake for convenience and it only takes 1 fish to win, how cool is that?

    1. Camdenton Arts Festival

Camdenton Parks in association with the Camdenton Art Advisory Board hosts a day focused on local Arts & promoting Art Education for kids. Join the even for exhibits and activities throughout City Park that include art demonstrations and classes in various forms of media such as oil and water based paint, fiber, sculpture, clay and paper. A new kids area will be available where they can create all kinds of fun art projects and take them home!

Works of local and regional artists will be on display throughout the even, and vendors will be on site selling a wide range of works and art related goods. Live performances from local dance, music, poerty, and acting groups will also be showcased throughout the event.

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