John Fitzpatrick

Banquet Manager


In working with the standards set by our management, my duties as Banquet Manager are to coordinate the delivery of all food & beverage and to manage the details pertaining to Group Business functions.  I work closely with the Food & Beverage Manager, the Chef and the Sales team while supervising the day to day operations of banquet set-ups and the service staff to ensure the terms of the contract for the event is met.  And perhaps the most important role is to execute service that exceeds our guest’s expectations. 


My career in the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industry began in 1976 in a hotel in Marco Island, FL.  Then in the summer of 1979, I started working here at the lake at a large waterfront family resort.  For the next several years, I would work at the lake during the summers and then I would return to the warmer climates over the winter.  I found myself always anxious to return to the Lake so in 1985 I made the move to Missouri permanently.  I’ve worked under well-known Chefs & professional Management teams, which was an experience like no other! I love the business and the friendships that have been created along the way.


The people; we have some dedicated individuals who show up to provide a service and support for not only our guests but for their team. They are the ones that treat it with strong feeling…not an attitude that “it’s just a job.”  And the owners & their vision of the business by building a unique beautiful property while keeping the comfort & warmth of a top-notch resort.  


I was born and raised in Southern Florida along with 3 older siblings, 2 sisters and a brother.  I have 3 sons; my two oldest are married with families so I have 4 grandkids, and my youngest son is a bachelor.  My girl-friend (significant other) works for Camden as well, we enjoy spending time together & with our combined families.  I like to keep busy and in my spare time I love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, camping, gardening and kayaking.   


Think with your head instead of your legs and save steps…save steps… save time… save time and have more time to do more things!  If you wait till the last minute you will never make it!

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